Hlomu the Wife – Dudu Busani Dube

This Zulu love story is beautifully written, the reader goes through many emotions as the book progresses. Hlomu is driven, career-orientated and fiesty. Soon after moving to JHB, from an upbringing in DBN KwaMashu, to pursue her career dreams as a journalist she catches the attention of a taxi driver at Bree.
Mqhele pulls out all the stops to woe the beautiful Hlomu, who is sure she will not agree to date a taxi driver of all people. After two weeks, she gives in, led by her heart and the door is opened to a life she didn’t know existed and a “Taxi Queen” status.
Hlomu soon discovers that Mqhele is one of eight Zulu brothers and they all look alike, bug-eyed, tall and very handsome. In six months, Hlomu and Mqhele are married, the first of the brothers to get a wife. Nkosana, the oldest of the brothers is the head of the family, having had taken care of all of his siblings after a painful exit from Mbumba, their childhood home.
Hlomu, being the only wife in the family, takes on the role of mom to Nkosana’s three boys, introducing them to the culture of Christmas clothes, as well as the close-knit family of brothers to legitimising their business and the way they store their money.
Mqhele and Hlomu go through their ups and downs, like any married couple right? No, their love is crazy, they love too much and their fights are as passionate as their love. Hlomu helps the family deal with and come to terms with their past. She soon becomes a full time mother, discovering more than she bargained about the handsome Zulu brothers, seeing the effects they have on all who cross paths with them, most of all being loyal to not just one but all the Zulu men and protecting them like her own.

A great read, the only warning is you won’t be able to put this down until you finish it.
– Phumzile Z

9 thoughts on “Hlomu the Wife – Dudu Busani Dube

  1. Hi my name is Princess Zulu, oooh Hlomu the wife is a fantastiiiiic and a must read book, between work and my daily schedule I finished the book within 3days……Busani siyabonga sisi, I wouldnt mind having a collection of these kind of books.


    1. Hi Princess!! Always great to meet a fellow Zulu! Ndabezitha!
      Phumzile has read Hlomu the Wife and Zandile the Resolute and is finishing off the third book Naledi his Love and she has definitely enjoyed the ride! She loves the fact that we can read a book that speaks to the black stories of South Africa, the black stories we know, the black stories we love and that we unfortunately don’t see enough of in literature so kudos to Dudu!
      Babongile is yet to read it and she’d love to dive in and see what all the fuss is about! šŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment, we’re so happy that Hlomu the Wife is changing your life in that way that only a book can! xx


  2. Hi, I finished all the three books, I am left wanting more….big up to Dudu for writing such lovely stories, they take me to another world, a world i can relate with. I am inlove. My favourite is Naledi His love.


  3. hello please can you tell me where can I buy the book Naledi My Love. Im living on the east rand. Jhb CBD is also an option. These books are my break away from life. They have become my hiding place.


  4. I am currently reading Hlomu the wife and I cannot put it down, after my friend Ntombana told me all the good things about this intriguing yet exciting read..loving every moment!!!!


  5. This book is driving me crazy.. when i’m at work i go to the bathroom to read the book LoL i can’t get over it.. i’m so inlove with it.. i hope i will find my Mqhele soon LoL..


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