Friday 03 June 2016 – Update

Hello fellow people of the book!

Phew, life’s been a bit of a whirlwind since we officially launched our 1001 Bookish Things blog and wow, we’re loving and appreciating much the mad love and support we’ve received so far on Twitter (our handle being @1001Bookish) as well as on Instagram (1001_bookish_things). We only created our Facebook page yesterday so head on over and check us out there too. And like. And comment. And let us know which books you’d like us to review!

We just wanted to just write a quick post just generally welcoming everyone properly to this lovely journey which we’re embarking on. We’re bursting at the seams with where we want to go with this blog and engaging with the issues in this arena – promoting a reading culture in SA, playing our part in really tackling low literacy figures, engaging with books, discussing them and really just showing our authors mad mad love and support because they bless us with their wonderful wonderful words.

So welcome. Hold on to your hats. Spread the word. Tell a friend. Then tell another. Pick up a book. Read. Savour. Learn. Love. Repeat. 🙂

* A beautiful weekend to you all *

P.S: I (Babongile) will be running the Spar Ladies Race on Sunday in Durban so pretty amped about that! I’ll be posting pics and share my experience of my first ever Spar Ladies Race Challenge. #ForTheLoveOfRunning



Babongile Z & Phumzile Z

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