1001 Bookish Things is ONE WEEK OLD!


We’re so happy to be one week old today! In that time we’ve posted four book reviews (just click on the ‘Reviews’ tab to check them out) and one amazing banana bread recipe (which we hope you’ve been able to try out!?).

We’ve also organically grown our Twitter followers from zero to 77 as we speak. On Instagram we’ve grown from zero to 55 followers and trust me we’re still going strong. We believe in baby steps. Our Facebook page has 12 likes but that’ll totally grow once the word spreads further and wider and the whole of South Africa starts joining in on our book conversations.

We’re not stopping there. We have many plans to get involved in literacy in Pietermaritzburg (and wider KZN) and really encourage and foster a reading culture in our country because we really believe in the magical worlds of books and spreading the love is always precious.

Amazingness all round. Join in the convo. Follow us via email and keep in touch with us via all our social media pages OR even drop us a mail at 1001bookish@gmail.com


Yours in Reading

-The Bookish Zulu girls


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