Friday – You’re always welcome!

If Friday were a sentient being, we’d kiss it! And we’re sure you would too! So welcome to Friday everyone, may it be as kick-ass as you’ve imagined to be the whole week.

We’re dying to hear what the rest of you are reading?! Babongile is still reading PMB – What Dreams are Made Of by Leleti the Author and has finished off reading The Hour of the Bees by Lindsay Eagar while Phumzile is finishing off A Good Woman (Danielle Steel) as well as Naledi (Dudu Busani-Dube). We simply cannot wait to share our thoughts on these reads!

There’s also going to be an exciting monthly feature which will be a lovely bonus to our blog which we’ll announce as and when it happens! Yay, we’re looking forward to it like 2 kids on Christmas Eve.

Otherwise, keep it safe this weekend and don’t do anything that we wouldn’t. We’ll be reading. You should try it out sometime, if you haven’t already! 😅

-Babongile & Phumzile Z

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