Homebru, my bru! Get with the programme!

Homebru. Exclusive Books’ annual campaign that picks out a selection of South African books and celebrates them in a spirit that is overwhelmingly South African. And as 1001 Bookish Things we are elated to be partnering up with Exclusive Books as the campaign reaches an end in about a week’s time.

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Hey, hey, hey, don’t cry – a week is still a long time to get in on the action. And we’re terribly sad if you’re one of the peeps that are unaware of the Homebru campaign, my bru. Listen up …

So Homebru is in its 15th year and still going tremendously strong with a carefully curated list of the best in South African writing. South African literature reaches far and wide in our beautiful land and the campaign is a stepping stone to encouraging readers to look above and beyond – to look for the gems, to celebrate and rejoice in our vibrant literary landscape.

There may only be a week left of the campaign but we encourage you to keep the flame alive and look forward to the 2017 campaign which is sure to blow readers’ hair back. We already can’t wait to see what publishers will be serving up between now and then.

Here’s a significant quote from Exclusive Books CEO, Benjamin Trisk, from the 2016 Franshhoek Literary Festival:

“It is a discordant and uncomfortable truth that bookshops do not exist in areas where the majority of our countrymen still live. We need to address this and we see it as an immediate priority. In this context particularly we should welcome the voices of young people who have highlighted our neglect of a crucial market. There is work to do – for both us and the publishers.”

Here here Mr Trisk! Here ere.

This quote also touches on the wider issues of a lack of a strong reading culture, low literacy levels and limited access to books for some sections of society. There is so much work to be done in the trenches in all the little ways that we can. To bring back the power of the book. The power of reading. The power of knowledge. The power of imagination. The power of a connection.

1001 Bookish Things is so happy and proud to be associated with such an important book chain store in South Africa that is always looking beyond the box to engage all readers in South Africa.

Sit tight while we await a care package of a selection of Homebru books for review. We’ll keep you posted on this and will certain provide scintillating reviews that celebrate South African literary #excellence!

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