A Good Woman – Danielle Steel (@daniellesteel)

A Good Woman

I got this book from a very good friend and colleague, Lungie. I had seen this book doing the rounds amongst our other friends and hadn’t really thought to ask to read it. One day, someone brought it back after borrowing it and left it on her desk. I decided to take it and see why it was popular in our circle. It was my first Danielle Steele read …

Set in the 1900’s, at a time where the family you were born into dictated the kind of life you would lead. Annabelle Worthington, born into a family of bankers, is privileged and beautiful and had her life mapped out for her. Her father is a banker together with her brother, Robert, who will take after his father and mother, Consuelo, are her entire family. Annabelle soon turns 18 and has her whole life to look forward to, then tragedy strikes, taking the lives of her father and brother. Soon after, her small family, consisting of her and Consuelo, are befriended by Josia, from the bank. He seems to bring them happiness and joy. His carefree and kind nature makes Consuelo wish for a son-in-law in him, who will look after Annabelle and ensure her a good life.

Annabelle has dreams and aspirations of her own that she has no business having, because she is a woman. She dreams of becoming a doctor. Unlike many young ladies her age, she is not irked by blood, stitching people up and performing autopsies. It all appeals to her. After a series of tragedies and sadness, Annabelle might just make her dream a reality.

It generally pisses me off when woman are told what goals they can and can’t have. I went through a series a emotions reading this book – anger, disappointment, smiled a few times and was brought to near tears in others. You see a character’s strength and think of yourself, if you would have the same drive if placed in the same situation. As a woman, it made me question a lot – the struggles that are faced by women on a daily basis, the ignorance that many others have because they are not facing the struggle personally. This book requires an open mind and if the era bores you, this book possibly will. If you are looking for a book that taps into your emotions – making you think and feel – read it. In the same breath, I wouldn’t go out and buy it, if you come across it and don’t have much of a choice on books to read, by all means take it and read leisurely.

-Phumzile Z


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