AFREADA – Africa’s Literary Magazine

About two weeks ago I discovered Afreada on Twitter and I think it’s my favourite thing ever! Lend me your ear …

Afreada is an online African Literary Magazine choc-a-block full of amazing writing by African authors. I came across it on Twitter and the first story I read was a short story called ‘Hearts and Flowers‘ by Zainab A. Omaki (link here:

I love reading short stories as much as I love reading novels – they’re such a great way to enrich the soul with lives you meet and get to know in a quarter of the time that you would in a longer novel.

The story that I read ‘Hearts and Flowers’ is beautiful. It’s different and quirky and something I can relate to. What do you do when you accidentally flush your heart down the toilet? What do you do when it travels around the world without you and you suddenly need it back? Find out in Zainab’s amazing story! And please tag @1001bookish when you’ve read it and you tweet about it.

Catch Afreada on this link for their website

Catch them on Twitter via their handle @afreada and on Instagram @afreada.

Me I love sharing new exciting African things. African things which involve reading! Thank you AFREADA!


– Babongile Z

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