Flight (short story) – Tope Owolabi (@eclectictope)

As you know, I’m loving AFREADA, an African Literary Magazine that I discovered not so long ago and blogged about in my 24 July blog post entitled “AFREADA”.

I’ve recently read a few more short stories on the website in the interim and I’ll be reviewing them here for you! Aren’t you so lucky!

I’ll be talking about the story entitled “Flight” written by Nigerian writer Tope Olowabi who’s currently working on her first novel. I’ll be first in line to buy her book when it comes out, if “Flight” is any indication of her smooth, unguarded, easy-reading style.

In the story, we encounter two characters on a plane from Accra to Tokaradi. We don’t know their names. Just two women on a flight and one of them has never been on a flight before. The reader is treated to snippets of conversation and some internal monologue from the lady who has become quite accustomed to plane rides. Don’t you love internal monologues! Ah yes!

Just when we think she’s settled down into the flight (the woman who has never been on a plane), something funny, awkward, enlightening and altogether extraordinary happens to her while all the passengers look on at her in mortified horror.

All I could do was chuckle and shake my head!

Go read the story and decide for yourself what you would have done. Here’s the link: https://afreada.com/2016/08/10/flight-by-tope-owolabi/

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments once you’ve read the story!

-Babongile Z


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