Finger (short story) – Bernard Dayo (@BernardDayo)

Thembeka is in the kitchen helping her Aunty Rhoda cook a meal.

Thembeka is great – she’s a tomboy, she defies society’s norms about femininity and what’s expected and how she should behave.

But today, Thembeka helps her enormous Aunty Rhoda in the kitchen. Aunty Rhoda has had several marriages and all her husbands seem to just die on her. Poor thing. She never gives up though – through the gossip, she still keeps finding love and going for it.

Thembeka helps her Aunty Rhoda in the kitchen but for a second, Aunty Rhoda is distracted and she slices her finger clean off her hand.

Panic rises within Thembeka and she grabs a napkin to help clean up the river of crimson.


Thembeka is even more shocked when she turns around and discovers something completely bizarre!

I think I’ll leave you with those delicious nuggets and supply you with the link to the story here.

Let me know what you think of ‘Finger’!?

-Babongile Z

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