Maami (short story) – Chiedozie Dike (@dk_stan)

Mara Chiedozie, what have you done? You’ve gone and made me fall in love with words all over again!

Nigerian writer Chiedozie Dike takes us on a journey with an unnamed protagonist who moves to Ajah with her stepmom that she calls Maami. There’s such an unmistakable, tangible, palpable supply of love that Maami showers on her stepdaughter – always there, always ready to do what a mother needs to do. They move to the city to start a new life after the protagonist’s father dies (under interesting circumstances, as we discover as the story deliciously and delicately unfolds).

They start a new life, yes, but then we  discover that our protagonist is diagnosed with cancer. Their worlds shatter, especially when they see other cancer patients in the hospital receiving treatment.


But Maami is Maami and she always knows best. She always knows best. She’s strong enough to do what’s best.

She’s Maami and you need to read this story. Like, as in drop everything you’re doing and delve into the grim but delightfully colourful world in Ajah.

-Babongile Z

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