How to germinate pepper seeds

I’m always searching for ways to be a little less wasteful and see what I can reuse, in what way, etc, to benefit the earth and generally decrease my carbon footprint 🙂 A mini eco-warrior of sorts.

A few weeks ago I came across a YouTube video of a lady who showed me how to roast butternut seeds and the end result blew my mind! I’ll make a separate post about this!

So while I was chopping up a green pepper in preparation for supper a few days ago, I got thinking about the seeds and how I’d like to try my hand at planting my very own green peppers! My mom has done this successfully (green fingers of note!) and I’d like to see whether I’ve inherited her skills.

Join me on my journey.

So last night I was Googling ways to germinate pepper seeds. I found a website that lists a number of ways (link here) as well as a YouTube video (link here) that goes through the whole process from germination to planting so these will be my guides over the next couple of weeks! To keep things interesting, I’ll post the pictures on my personal Instagram (@buhbeezy) to show how the progress is going!

Wish me luck!

-Babongile Z

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