How to grow a pepper plant – An Experiment

In the last post, I went into how to germinate green pepper seeds as I’m on a mission to grow my very own green peppers!

Go have a read of the post entitled ‘How to germinate pepper seeds’ here.

I would like to point out that I’d started out using paper towels because that’s what all the American videos said, but after about two days, I realised that the ‘paper towels’ that they were referring to and using are actually WET WIPES! So let me save you the drama and heartache right now and tell you to use wet wipes when you germinate your seeds.

Okay, so, now that that’s out the way, let’s move along in the process. After a week of putting my pepper seeds out in the sun (I popped them on the windowsill at work, then in the garden over the weekend). Then on Saturday I was super stoked to find that some had actually GERMINATED! My life goals had been met. Here’s a pic:


Are those not the two most beautifully germinated pepper seeds you’ve ever seen?! Pepper seeds need plenty of moisture and sunlight so make sure that the wet wipe is damp enough, and make sure that they get at least 6-7 hours of sun time per day.

Then I transferred these sprouty babies into some soil – I just used a muffin tray like so:


And now the waiting begins. All I need to concentrate on now is to make sure that I give them enough sunlight per day and be sure to keep them nicely hydrated.

I’ll check in again in a week or so for more progress pictures!

-Babongile Z

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