Ms Conception – Pamela Power (@pamelapower)

My recent read from the ‘TBR Bookshelves’ was Pamela Power’s Ms Conception.
Ms Conception got bumped up to ‘must read’ for the #JozisBooks&Blogs Festival when I interviewed the author.

The main character Jo, deals with all the real-life drama of breastfeeding, potty training, the in-laws, a philandering spouse, boss from hell and a ‘George Clooneyish’ therapist.

I wondered why I had not read something which made me feel ‘normal’ 15 years ago when pregnant with my son.  Jo is the woman we all are (mostly inside our heads). It brought me immense relief that she made funny faces and spoke to herself. The humour that runs through the book had me chuckling and snorting aloud.

Pamela Power manages to deal with serious issues in between the lightheartedness as well- AIDS in the caregiving environment is a reality and the fear of transmission something which has to be dealt with.

It is a wickedly delicious read which will confirm all your craziness as quite ‘normal’ and at times made me feel as if the author had a camera hidden in my mind.

Highly recommended for both female and male readers. (Men: it will give you a clear understanding of what goes on in our heads!)

I cannot wait for the author’s new book – a psychological thriller – Things Unseen which is due for release in October.

-Khalida Moosa

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