Fifty Shades of Grey – E L James (@E_L_James)

I might have mentioned this before: reading a book after watching the movie it’s based on is always strange because your mind gets the better of you and you know what to expect. Oftentimes you remember things differently to how it’s written.
The book, book 1 of the trilogy, was on loan to me from a colleague, Kirsty. She was kind enough to loan all 3 and knowing the movie, I didn’t think it was possible to write about sex in just over 500 pages – essentially, that’s what
Fifty Shades of Grey is known for – sex.

After reading the book, I had to sit back and think of all the characters (outside of their sexual activity) and think about how I will actually write this review without focusing on the sex.

Anastasia Steele, is a soon to be a college graduate – intelligent, witty, beautiful, clumsy, sweet and a much better cook than her roommate, Kate. She (Kate) is the editor of the student newspaper at the university they attend together and it has taken months to confirm an interview with Christian Grey – young, mind numbingly handsome, CEO of Grey Holdings. Anastasia ends up doing the interview with the handsome Christian; she stumbles in his office (her clumsiness picking the perfect time to make an appearance) seemingly the start of Anastasia’s life.

A connection is made from the moment they meet, the sexual tension between them overwhelming for both of them. What Christian doesn’t know is that Ana is a virgin and it’s her first time feeling the way she does for a man, any man. What Ana doesn’t know is that Christian’s life is as complicated as he’s handsome & rich and his sex life IS the entire book!

Anastasia thinks about Christian and him, her; when he walks into Claytons (Ana’s part time employment). It’s a super pleasant surprise. Or is it?! The air thick with sexual tension again, and I would love to say the rest is history.
They get it together somewhat but with Christian into the Dominant & Submissive type set up and Ana not having a point of relationship reference, they have a lot of ‘firsts’ to experience with each other –which doesn’t always go smooth – their bedroom (and everywhere else space that can fit two people) relationship is super healthy, they cannot keep their hands off each other (and other parts).
They relationship is new, they have to try and get to know each other in all the extra activity they engage in and something goes horribly wrong – do they break ties or try to find a solution? What about their feelings for each other, real or is Ana just another girl to mark Christian’s playroom bedpost?

I have never read something like this before – erotic, sensual, funny and heartbreaking. Ana seemed like a girl from next door with a King Charming (Prince just doesn’t do him justice) and you part find yourself falling for the guy she describes in her story – these are all Ana’s thoughts and recollections. After finishing this book, I literally stumbled into Book 2 in the wee hours of the morning – that’s how good this book is (yes, sex and all!).

Onto Book 2 … Later!

-Phumzile Z

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