Fifty Shades Darker – E L James

Book 2 of the Sex Series (because it is just so full of it – the sex) and I couldn’t put it down. I started this book immediately after finishing Book 1 (Fifty shades of Grey: catch the review here) and though it isn’t a book you read if you are looking for intellectual stimulation, you can certainly read it for other forms of stimulation (wink wink …). I tell you, I have the best colleagues – have had this on loan from Kirst since November 2016 and not once has she asked, “When the hell am I getting my books back?”. If you’re reading this Kirst … you’ll have your sex series back soon 🙂

The ever charming and overbearing Christian Grey continues to do this in Book 2, as you may recall, he had stalker tendencies in Book 1, well he’s no different in Book 2. His split with Anastasia Steele at the end of Book 1 leaves him (and me) heartbroken.  Do they get back together? Read on and find out …

Somewhere in Book 1, Jose (Ana’s varsity pal and awesome photographer) invites her to an exhibition and she accepts (mentioning she’ll bring her plus 1 – Christian ‘Too handsome’ Grey). But the break-up happens before the exhibition takes place and Ana forgets about her plans (busy dealing with the unwelcome thoughts she keeps having about her gorgeous ex). Welcome however is the contact she gets from Christian (in the form of an email) asking Ana if he should pick her up for Jose’s exhibition (in a private helicopter nogal).  Even a fool can guess what Ana’s response is.
A step back and a quick reminder – Ana has left Portland (where she studied and lived with best friend Kate) and has moved to Seattle (still staying with best friend Kate and in the same town as Christian).

Being the crazy, delicious and overbearing man Christian is, he buys ALL of Jose’s pictures of Ana, hoping to mend their relationship. Grey is not much of a feelings and talk kind of man but once he captures Ana’s heart, he’s determined to not part with her again.

Ana has met Christian’s parents (his entire family actually) – shocking everyone of course because Christian has never brought any girl home.  They now see just what of a positive impact she is having on Christian and as Grey keeps mentioning, Ana ‘never ceases to amaze’. Grey starts to open up to her, amazed by her strength and maturity, making him fall harder and deeper for her… triggering  a visit from one Christian’s former love interests, Leila, leaving Ana cold …

Jack Hyde, Ana’s boss, has a plan up his sleeve for the beautiful Ana and sets it into motion – unawares that if he makes one little move, Christian will be on to him like a nasty, itchy rash and that Ana has an ex-army stepdad (Ray).  Jack’s lack of self-control brings about events that leave him bitter and full of revenge.

Fifty Shades Darker certainly had a bit more substance in terms of the story, it gave me more to look forward to because of all the external elements to Christian and Ana’s relationship. A bit more romance and thrill … really looking forward to the movie!


-Phumzile Z

One thought on “Fifty Shades Darker – E L James

  1. I agree, the second book gave a little more intrigue and drama than just sex scenes, which was kind of great. I do not think I will be spending money to watch the movie though, I was too disappointed with the first one. I know it is sort of hard to cram 400 pages into a 2 hour movie, but many books have been made into movies and none of them were as disappointing as 50 Shades. Nee dankie, I’ll catch it on DVD next year lol


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