Walking Abyss (short story) – Ademola Enoch

It is amazing the number of things we take for granted. Our senses. Life. Our talents and gifts. I suppose it is a human flaw. It may not be what I have mentioned here but at some stage in our lives, we all take something for granted, even for just a moment.

He is almost 18 years old. Just one day before he’s a ‘man’. Just one day too long – to him. He has been living – living because he still breathes in and out, living because his senses are working. All except one.  He has been blind from birth.

A son of a senator and a mother who prefers the luxury of money to nurturing her blind son. Superstition is supposedly to blame for this unfortunate situation. Nanny Alake has been more of a mother to him than his own mother. Nanny Alake was hired to look after him, provide him with anything and everything he needs. Wants is a better word because what he needs, he cannot have. What he needs is his parent’s love. One thing he cannot have – a need that money can’t buy. Anything and everything else, he can have. His nanny, Nanny Alake has been hired for that. The anything and everything else.

He is almost 18 years. Just one day before he’s a ‘man’. Just one day too long –to him. He is lost in an abyss, a constant darkness. All his other senses have stepped up, he knows the smell of Keji, Nanny Alake’s son. He knows his environment, the who in his environment. He just can’t see it. He wants to end it, truth be told he has been living in darkness for so long.

Life is not always presented to us in a neat package with big bright bow and a manual on how to deal with certain situations. It is up to us to believe, to have faith and to deal as best we could with any oncoming ‘traffic’.
He wants to take his own life. Does he?

– Phumzile Z

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