The Deadly 7 – Garth Jennings

ARE YOU READY FOR A MONSTER MISSION? goes the question at the back of the book.

Note to self: Don’t attempt to write a book review a bajillion years after you’ve read the book. Disclaimer: I will now attempt to write a book review a bajillion years after I’ve read the book. Not because the book was bad – time has not been on my side.

Title of Book: The Deadly 7

Name of author: Garth Jennings

Yes, this is a children’s book and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it!


“When Nelson’s beloved big sister goes missing on a school trip, his parents join the search party and leave him with his mad Uncle Pogo, a plumber working at St. Paul’s Cathedral. In the dark catacombs of the cathedral Nelson stumbles across a strange and ancient machine designed to extract the seven deadly sins from a person’s soul as living, breathing monsters. When Nelson accidentally extracts the sins from his own little soul, he’s suddenly stuck with seven, ugly, cantankerous, smelly and embarrassing new friends who help him form the best (and weirdest) plan ever: they will set out on a quest across the globe to find and rescue his big sister.”


Okay, so perhaps this shouldn’t have been a children’s story, what with all the dark stuff like seven deadly sins and all. But through Nelson’s adventures with this new set of friends, Jennings handles it all quite well, being sensitive to his audience, while adding a healthy dose of humour for the young ‘uns.


But here’s something totes interesting about the author of the book (as you’ll discover on the author bio page in the book): Garth Jennings has directed many music videos and commercials and his work includes videos for Blur, Radiohead, Beck, Fatboy Slim and Vampire Weekend (I’m drooling at this last one – I’m SUCH a Vampire Weekend fan!). He’s also the director of two feature films – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005) and Son of Rambow (2007). Preeeeety cool, huh?


And Jenning’s innate creative spirit is evident in The Deadly 7 – written with equal parts of wit, serious and lighthearted – this cross-continental adventure will leave you breathless and a little wiser come the last page.


Want to know more about Garth? Here’s a Wiki link: Garth Jennings. And also follow him on the Twitter-sphere – his handle is @GarthJennings


-Babongile Z

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