Cakes in Space – Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

Would you like to start a new life on planet Nova Mundi? I certainly wouldn’t mind! Except that the journey takes ONE HUNDRED & NINETY-NINE years to get there.

And so we join in on the journey with Astra, her parents and baby brother, Alf, as they head to a new planet called Nova Mundi, where they’ll be starting a new life with other passengers, and building a new community.

That is until Astra wakes up WAY too early in the journey and finds killer cupcakes floating amok in the spaceship! And the only help she has to overcome this catastrophe is to work with Pilbeam – one of the ship’s repair robots.

Reading the synopsis at the back of the book didn’t inspire immediate “Read Me” vibes but I took a chance because I was determined to read a children’s book as a means to escape the high falutin’ hardcore stuff we read at work and in newspapers, etc. So off I went into space!

And boy was I in for an unexpected treat. Firstly the writing was so sweet! And the illustrations? Amazing. Just in the first couple of pages, I was already in love with the illustrations – I mean, space is a pretty awesome thing so it’s always pretty neat to see it rendered on paper in any way.

It’s quite a long-ish children’s book – about 210 pages – but the text is also quite big so don’t stress, it won’t take THAT long to get through.

There’s also a really cool book trailer that I came across on the GoodReads site and because I love you all so much, I’ve provided the link right here. Enjoy!

-Babongile Z

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