Early Riser

Title:                    Early Riser

Author:                Jasper Fforde

Publisher:            Hodder & Stoughton

Local price:          R323 @ Takealot

Rating:                 5/5

Twitter:                @vuyomzini


Never has dystopia been this stone cold funny. Fforde imagines a world where Wales and the Wold is walloped by winter to such an extent that every year everyone hibernates until spring. All sorts of notions counter to contemporary intuit are then explored, including less activity, more eating, women in charge (in the main), hilarity in the face of cold induced executions (called Fridgication). And a whole new vocabulary to go with it. Charlie “Wonky” Warthing, the protagonist, is a wittily self-conscious man who gets the opportunity to work for the government guarding the Winter sleepers from zombie Nightwalkers, peculiarly fantastical Winterfolk, extremely well-mannered Villains and dreaming. His adventures and discoveries also take you to worlds within worlds that leave you intrigued and in stitches all at the same time.

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