Got you back

Got you back

–         Jane Fallon

190311_Got you back book cover

I actually received this book from my partner in books, my sister B. She gave it to me about 2 Christmas’ ago and at the time I was too focused on thrillers with not much interest in any other genre.

It actually starts off a little slow, the kind of book you can afford to put down and not think about for a couple of days. Then you see it, read what’s on the cover:

“A husband. A wife. A mistress. And the ultimate plan for revenge.”

And you want to pick it up because you just want to get to the good part. The revenge.

James is a vet, a rather successful one. He has his own practise in the countryside where he works from Monday to Wednesday. His family, wife and son, are based in the city. He works there as an employee at in someone else’s practise Thursday to Sunday.

The problem with James is that he thinks very highly of himself, he likes to think he does very important and highly valued work. As a man, he thinks of himself as a catch and it never crosses his mind that he might just be caught out about the double life he leads.

His wife, Stephanie, is beautiful, has her own business as a celebrity stylist. Physically, she’s a red head and is lean. She’s funny and holds no punches. She’s a good mother to their son, Finn and is driven career wise.

His girlfriend, Katie, is also beautiful, in a different way. Softer features, blonde, slightly chubby and is extremely sweet. Or is she.

When Stephanie finds out about Katie, she struggles with how to proceed. Eventually deciding to contact her and together they devise a plan on how they will get back at James without him catching on that they know. This is when it gets harder to put the book down, with each chapter, James’ life starts to fall apart and he doesn’t even know what the cause is. As the plans progress, Katie acts without keeping Stephanie in the loop and with each action, it impacts James significantly.

When is enough going to be enough?

Will James finally find out that Katie and Stephanie are behind his dramatic change in luck?

If there’s one lesson to be learnt in this book it’s that cheating is actually not worth it. Those who cheat are people who aren’t afraid to lose what they have.

–          Phumzile Zulu.

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