About the Zulu girls


Having graduated from Rhodes University with English Literature as one of my majors and an Honours in English Language and Linguistics, it’s pretty safe to say I’m a lover of words and books! I’ve worked at two publishing houses and I am currently a Client Services Coordinator for a retail research company in Durban. I live with my wonderful parentals who still don’t mind when I buy books by the bootload! (One day headlines will read “Girl slain in bombastic book avalanche” – not a shabby ending actually!)


Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by books. Our father was an author & Publisher and encouraged us to read everything. The older I became was the more I understood my reading self – genres I liked, developing the way I write. Working in the marketing space, I value the reading culture that was instilled in me and I hope that our reviews will make you enjoy reading or continue reading.

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