About 1001 Bookish Things

If we had R50 left between us and poverty, we’d rather go out with a bang and buy a book. One of those old treasures tucked away in a tenth hand bookshop.
And so begins the journey of the 1001 Bookish Things blog.
We are two Zulu girls who have been on a reading mission probably since we could read out aloud and we also deeply love discussing a book’s merits and demerits, and if it’s lucky, how it altered every fibre of our beings!
So come hither, join us in having unbelievable amounts of fun with books and other resources about books which are available on these latest technological interwebs.
Our mission is to review books (aka, these will be our own views!) that we’re reading (and a few which we’ve read in the past that we ABSOLUTELY have to shout about from the rooftops); let you know which books are on our “to be read” pile and also dabble in a bit of baking because we’re pretty bonkers about that too. Nothing like a good book and a slice of baked goodness. Do I hear an Amen in the congregation?
And to top it all off, we will also have a segment of ‘Top Quote of the Week’ (whether they be about reading, quotes from books or quotes from way cool authors).




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