Soweto under the apricot tree

Title:                    Soweto under the apricot tree Author:                Niq Mhlongo Publisher:            Kwela Books Local price:          Rxxx @ Takealot Rating:                 3/5 Twitter:                @vuyomzini Hemmingway is quoted as saying all stories end in death “…and he is no true story teller who would keep that from you”. Niq Mhlongo’s short stories seem toContinue reading “Soweto under the apricot tree”


Title:                    Intruders Author:                Mohale Mashigo Publisher:            Picador Africa Local price:          R149 @ Takealot Rating:                 5/5 Twitter:                @vuyomzini Mohale Mashigo’s book Intruders is woke. Mashigo’s introductory essay to the book cautions against taking on Americanised emblems in trying to “fit in”. The essay is titled “Afrofuturism: Ayashis’ amateki” and speaks onContinue reading “Intruders”

Early Riser

Title:                    Early Riser Author:                Jasper Fforde Publisher:            Hodder & Stoughton Local price:          R323 @ Takealot Rating:                 5/5 Twitter:                @vuyomzini   Never has dystopia been this stone cold funny. Fforde imagines a world where Wales and the Wold is walloped by winter to such an extent that every year everyone hibernatesContinue reading “Early Riser”

How to grow a pepper plant – An Experiment

In the last post, I went into how to germinate green pepper seeds as I’m on a mission to grow my very own green peppers! Go have a read of the post entitled ‘How to germinate pepper seeds’ here. I would like to point out that I’d started out using paper towels because that’s whatContinue reading “How to grow a pepper plant – An Experiment”