About 1001 Bookish Things

If we had R50 left between us and poverty, we’d rather go out with a bang and buy a book. One of those old treasures tucked away in a tenth-hand bookshop.
And so begins the journey of the 1001 Bookish Things blog.
We are two Zulu girls who have been on a reading mission probably since we could read out aloud and we also deeply love discussing a book’s merits and demerits, and if it’s lucky, how it altered every fibre of our beings!

Our mission is simple, to review books that we’re reading, in our own words.  We will also let you know which books are on our “to be read” pile, so you know what to look out for.

You are also welcome to share any reviews you may have, via our email address, along with your name and your social media handles so we can credit you for your work and let people know where to find you.


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