Screw It, Let’s Do It! – Richard Branson (@richardbranson)

Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life (Quick Reads)

I’ve always admired Richard Branson with his off centre ways and magnetic maverick approach to life and business. He’d definitely be a guest at my wish-list dinner table!

So it was fate that brought this book and I together when I saw it on my work’s bookshelf. This book was published under Virgin Books under the “Quick Reads” banner, offering a breezy and quick 106-page read.

In this well-known book, Branson goes into the lessons, values and habits that have stood him in good stead in his personal, public and business life. It’s amazing and refreshing how candid he is about his life and how what he’s had to do to overcome certain challenges, like coping with mild dyslexia in school, even going on to win an essay contest in school! Kudos!

As wonderful as all that is, Branson doesn’t shy away from the shady moments too like how he broke the law at a point in his career, and standing up and doing the right thing and righting his wrong, vowing to be fair in all his future dealings.

Branson is known for his big personality, unconventional business strategies and unquenchable thirst for adventure and this book provides some great lessons from the icon himself and by the end of chapter one, I was fired up already to chase my dreams and to screw it, JUST DO IT. So watch this space. 🙌

Also if you have half an hour, go and watch this lovely Q & A session with Richard Branson reveal a little bit about his life and some of the things that he mentions in this book, as well as mentions of Nelson Mandela and Chris Hani! Pretty cool!

Here’s the YouTube link:

-Babongile Z

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